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NCA600SQ Penguin Pouch Making Machine(Three bags feeding)

Short Description:

l.This machine is used for making Penguin pouch (3 bags feeding).

Product Detail

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1.This machine is used to make packaging bags of various laminated films. Through the optional auxiliary device, it can be widely suitable for making three-side seal bag, stand-up pouch, and Penguin bag.


1.Five groups of film rectifying, sealing effect is beautiful:

2.Capacity: :60-80 parts/min.

3.Three bags feed, high speed and high efficiency:

4.Bag making and die cutting completed at the same time.

List of Key Components

1. PLC  control module Panasonic Japan
2. Servo motor (5kw) Panasonic Japan
3. Film unwinding constant tension, AUTO rectifying (double optic electronic control)  
4. Speed reducer China
5. Color mark sensor Italy
6. Inverter Delta, Taiwan
7. 10.4’ touch screen WEINVIEW, Taiwan
8. Machine control system Hanzhou Sotry, China

Machine technique parameters

1. Film material Various heat-sealed plastic laminated film,;Thickness: 0.06-0.15mm
1. Max bag making beating: 120parts/min (Machine designing speed)
2. Max film reel unwinding speed: 45m/min  (Machine designing speed)
3. Capacity: 60-120parts/min;If 3 lanes: 180-360 bags/min.
4. (Actual capacity is according to the bag length, film material and hot sealing efficiency.)
5.. Film reel size: Main film:Max φ800×1220mm(width),inner hole:3′(76.2mm)
Gusset film: Max φ500×150mm,inner, hole:3′ air shaft
6. Pouch size: Bag width=65-85mm;Bag length= Max180mm.(One bag feeding: 180x3=540mm)Bag gusset=20-70mm;
7. Total power About 50KW
8 Power voltage AC Three phase 380V,50HZ
9 Air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
10 Cooling water: 10L/min
11 Machine working table height: (hot sealing moulds) 860mm
handle operation height 750mm
12. Machine dimension(MAX): L×W×H: 11500mm×4600mm×2200mm
13. Machine weight: about 6000KG
14 Machine color: Gray (wallboard)/ stainless steel (guard board)
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