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2022: Slightly increased: Developed a new penguin bag-making machine

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In the first half of 2022, due to the epidemic in Shanghai, the supply of machines and the procurement of components were affected. But overall, a slight increase compared to 2021 is basically in line with expectations. New macro industry has been adhere to the domestic high-end customers and export strategy, 2022, especially in November, December, welding mouth machine business growth particularly fast, export is expected to account for about 40% of the overall business, mainly with foreign epidemic control policy is relaxed, production demand further release. However, in the field of bag machine, the demand for ordinary equipment of flexible packaging enterprises has decreased, so the business of bag machine is only about half of that in 2021. We in the rapid growth, the main reasons for the following two aspects: 1, the scope of application is further expanded. More and more condiments, sauce packaging are changed to suction bag, and many small capacity suction bag to large capacity suction bag, so the demand for straight mouth machine, oblique mouth machine has increased, we also for the function, appearance, operability, service life and other aspects of the further improvement; 2, new macro industry in order to make customers better use the machine, better service customers, we make great efforts to optimize the structure of welding machine, improve the quality of parts, to ensure the reliability and operability of the machine. At the same time, through recruitment and training of people, we improve the level of service personnel, increase the number of customer services, and timely solve problems for customers. For customers affected by the epidemic or unable to go to the service in time, remote software improvement, video guidance, manual refinement, human-machine interface prompt to strengthen services. In recent years, due to the change of domestic population structure, the demographic dividend continues to disappear, and it has become a consensus of people to reduce the dependence on people. It can also be obvious that flexible packaging enterprises have put forward higher requirements for the reliability, efficiency and other aspects of equipment.

In 2022, we also launched a new bag equipment: in the case of bag plane size unchanged to improve the capacity of the bag, using the principle of eight sealing lateral organ, developed a new penguin bag bag machine, the previous longitudinal penguin bag processing way to horizontal processing, easier to operate, efficiency is improved, this type of penguin bag bag machine, large capacity bag can be out at a time, the size of three, small size bag can be a 6 to 7. This kind of bag machine can meet the penguin bag pattern combination, splicing and other requirements of the type (this bag type vertical processing is not easy to achieve). And covers a floor area of small, good operation, less membrane roll, good material preparation, replacement of varieties more save membrane material, each refueling compared with the past can save at least 5-6 meters of material. For different purposes, it can be refined into a welding (or button) penguin bag making machine, applied to the growing production of rice bags, flour bags; can be refined into a medium-sized penguin bag bag making machine, most suitable for a large number of drinks, soy milk, sauce and other subsequent bag production; can be refined into the production of more small penguin bags, suitable for the application of tea, Chinese medicine preparation, etc.

In 2022, we also launched an intelligent die-cutting machine, which can automatically track the pattern of the bag after debugging, and complete the accurate die-cutting. The machine can reduce the intervention of the operators and improve the efficiency and efficiency. At present, the machine is used by several customers, and we are also constantly improving.

2023: Actively break through the PE welding nozzle difficulties

We are still confident in 2023 that 2023 will be better than the overall economic environment in 2022. Of course, we still can not relax in our thinking, we have to keep ready to fight a tough battle. In 2023, we will continue to adhere to the two fields of bag making machine and welding mouth machine. Recyclable in our opinion will be more practical than biodegradable, more promising, and recycling is not necessarily limited to food packaging materials after recycling is still used in food packaging field, there are many foreign applications in shrinkage film and other fields such as cases, I think it is worth our learning and reference, so we are also very bullish on the recyclable application, will also actively to break through the difficulty of PE welding nozzle. Now because the nozzle is high density PE, and the bag is low density PE, welding mouth heat sealing temperature is higher than the bag, the difference of heat sealing temperature, also led to the lot of suction bag and bag between uneven, welding mouth, etc., for our welding mouth machine equipment manufacturers, need to constantly break through the welding process, innovation way of suction interface, etc., at the same time also need to produce suction manufacturers to improve materials, make it has a higher heat sealing temperature and strength.

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Post time: Feb-15-2023