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Packaging frontier report

From March 4 to 6,2022, the 28th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino-Pack 2022) and China (Guangzhou) International Packaging Products Exhibition (PACKINNO 2022) were successfully held in Zone 9.1-13.1, Zone B of Guangzhou Pazhou Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair).

In this exhibition, ZHOGNSHAN NCA CO.,LTD. with the latest flexible packaging automatic spout sealing machine 1604D appeared.

According to Mr.Guo , general manager of NCA, NCA1604D is mainly for small specifications of the suction bag, such as the maximum width of 120mm, the maximum height of 200mm within 100 bags, the speed of about 80~90 / min, has the following advantages:

1. Using mechanical sealing way, improve the sealing quality, while the servo motor control, can reduce the noise of sealing;
2. Direct oblique dual use, can do straight mouth bag, but also can do oblique mouth bag (within a certain range);
3. Automatic slot function, save the manual rod process, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, the process is more safe and hygienic;
4. Overall transparent protective cover design, appearance, atmosphere and clean; meet CE safety requirements, safety protection improvement;
5. More than 20 years focus on the welding machine manufacturing experience, continue to provide customers with stable, mature automatic welding machine.

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Mr.Guo was interviewed

According to Guo, this device also has a special function: even if the device presses the stop button, the device will first automatically finish the finished product on this line, and ensure that there is no waste product, greatly improving the stability and yield of the product.

It is understood that at present, more and more leisure food, pet food, daily chemical, beverage, beauty salon and other industries use suction bag, the demand for suction bag has also increased significantly, the new macro industry company research and production of special bag welding machine, square bottom bag welding machine and other models are also very popular.

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The suction mouth bag is used in different industries

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Post time: Feb-15-2023