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NCA1604D-90 Flexible Pouch and Spout Automatic Sealing Machine

Short Description:

1. The device is used to join a flexible pouch and a plastic spout.

2. It can be used to package beverages, jellies, soy sauce, flavorings, and cosmetics (such as face masks and milk).

Product Detail

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l.The machine is used to weld a plastic spout to a flexible pouch.

2.It is suitable for packaging drinks, jelly, soy sauce, flavorings and cosmetics (milk, face mask) etc..


1、Mechanical sealing (3 servo); Small noise; Low gas consumption

2、Various function:center/corner spout pouch; speed 80-90 pcs/min

3、Upgraded safety protective cover,One-man operation

4、Upgraded safety protective cover

5、Pouch holder design positional precisely

6、New pouch put way,easier to adjust more stable

Main Technical Specification











Pouch size (L×W)

Center spout pouch  (100-190)× (70-120)mm (Different pouch size needs to adjust or change the pouch tank adjusting board.)
Corner spout pouch (100-160)×(70-110)mm

(Different pouch size needs to change the pouch tank, accompanying frame etc.)

Max angle 45 degree

        Size   A≦ 70mm


Note: the machine is with corner spout function, if need to do corner spout bag, only add the pouch tank and accompanying frame extra.

Spout type Long or short spout with the bayonet, supplied by the customer.
Production efficiency Center spout pouch: 85-90pcs/min

Corner spout pouch: 80-85pcs/min

Note: The production efficiency varies because of the material and the difference of the pouch size.

Power AC380V,50HZ,9.5KW,3P
Compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa, 360NL/min
Dimension (L×W×H) 4250×1900×1730mm
Cooling water 6L/min
Weight 2600Kg
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